Uncle 22 – Wu Tang Sword

Uncle 22 – Wu Tang Sword (Eastside Records, 1997)

Desmond Fearon AKA Uncle 22’s music career dates back to the early nineties when he released records on the De Underground group of labels and recorded with Cool Hand Flex as Flex & Uncle, The Impact Crew, Sudden Impact and Dub Wise II. He also put out material on Strictly Underground and RAM and is best known for ‘6 Million Ways To Die’. In the late nineties he then released a string of jump-up records for A-Sides’ Eastside Records with this Wu-influenced track coming out in 1997.

Like Dopestyle’s ‘You Must Think First’ it features sword swishes throughout along with dialogue from Shaolin & Wu Tang, although most likely sourced from the Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Bring Da Ruckus’: “Wu Tang sword style… could be dangerous”. Around the samples Uncle 22 creates a sparse, moody jump-up tune which features the Think break, ominous horns and a simple reversed bassline complemented by distorted stabs. While Wu-Tang samples in drum and bass are two a penny this tune completely submerses itself in the martial arts vibe and could soundtrack a modern day kung-fu movie.

‘Wu Tang Sword’ is available to purchase digitally from Drum&BassArena and Beatport. Randall remixed it for the Eastside Jamz Volume 1 LP and you can check that version out below:

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