Dopestyle – You Must Think First

Dopestyle – You Must Think First (Ganja Records, 1994)

Like yesterday’s tune, this one from DJ Hype under his Dopestyle alias samples both First Choice and the Wu-Tang Clan. It was released on Ganja Records Volume 3 in 1994 and is a proper jungle classic. Hype has sampled the Wu-Tang Clan a number of times and ‘You Must Think First’ opens with two vocal samples from the beginning of the Wu’s ‘Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’:

“A game of chess is like a sword fight, you must think first before you move… Toad style is immensely strong and immune to nearly any weapon. When it’s properly used (it’s almost invincible)”

Of course the Wu-Tang Clan sampled these themselves from classic kung-fu flicks, the first coming from Shaolin & Wu Tang while the second is taken from The Five Deadly Venoms. Sword fighting sound effects feature throughout while the Soul Pride break is cleverly reversed so that is resembles a swishing noise. The Think break accompanies it along with computer game bleeps and a bruising reversed bassline that pummels you with rapid stabs. A couple of other vocal samples appear with a “Hey, hey” vocal coming from First Choice’s ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ (but pitched down so it sounds like a male voice) along with a “Jah oh Jah got the power” reggae vocal. A trademark Hype production with a diverse range of samples which is a great example of the exciting, chaotic sound of ’94 jungle.

‘You Must Think First’ appeared on Breakdown’s Drum & Bass Selection 2 and you can hear it in DJ Hype’s mixed version of the compilation from the cassette edition below – you can also download it over at Hardscore:

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