Dillinja – Vicious

Dillinja – Vicious (Test Recordings, 1998) The title of this one is a perfect description of not just the track itself but Dillinja’s music in general. It was released on the first volume of Dillinja & Lemon D’s Test Recordings, a label which featured a logo that with its yellow and black colour scheme resembledContinue reading “Dillinja – Vicious”

Ray Keith – Special Technique

Ray Keith – Special Technique (Chronic, 1996) Here’s another tune that samples the Wu-Tang Clan, although in this case the source is Only Built For Cuban Linx, Raekwon’s classic solo debut. The track features dialogue and fight sounds from Shaolin Vs. Lama as sampled on ‘Guillotine (Swordz)’: “Allow me to demonstrate the skill of shaolin,Continue reading “Ray Keith – Special Technique”

Uncle 22 – Wu Tang Sword

Uncle 22 – Wu Tang Sword (Eastside Records, 1997) Desmond Fearon AKA Uncle 22’s music career dates back to the early nineties when he released records on the De Underground group of labels and recorded with Cool Hand Flex as Flex & Uncle, The Impact Crew, Sudden Impact and Dub Wise II. He also putContinue reading “Uncle 22 – Wu Tang Sword”

Dopestyle – You Must Think First

Dopestyle – You Must Think First (Ganja Records, 1994) Like yesterday’s tune, this one from DJ Hype under his Dopestyle alias samples both First Choice and the Wu-Tang Clan. It was released on Ganja Records Volume 3 in 1994 and is a proper jungle classic. Hype has sampled the Wu-Tang Clan a number of timesContinue reading “Dopestyle – You Must Think First”

Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost

Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost (Metalheadz, 1996) The highlight of the new material on Platinum Breakz was ‘The Unofficial Ghost’, Doc Scott’s remix of Rufige Kru’s ‘Ghosts Of My Life’. While Goldie’s ‘VIP Riders Ghost’ version of the track was a lesson in restraint this one is an all-out assault. It opens with theContinue reading “Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost”

Glamour Gold – You Can Run

Glamour Gold – You Can Run (Philly Blunt Records, 1996) DJ Krust was always one for hip-hop samples on his more jump-up minded material and on this tune under his Glamour Gold alias for Philly Blunt he combines a Mobb Deep sample with some classic Wu-Tang. It opens with a suspense building loop of someContinue reading “Glamour Gold – You Can Run”

Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Krome & Time Remix)

Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Krome & Time Remix) (White Label, 1996) In 1996 Krome & Time set up a sub-label of Tearin Vinyl called Da Hood. Most of the releases didn’t feature details about the artist or even track titles and were laden with hip-hop samples. ‘Volume 1 Side A’ featured vocals from two Fugees tracks:Continue reading “Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Krome & Time Remix)”

Co-Cain – Roll Dat Shit

Co-Cain – Roll Dat Shit (Runninz Records, 1996) Marvellous Cain’s RIQ Yardrock continues to roll out updates of his classic tracks alongside new material from the likes of J Bostron. The latest refix comes from CabinFeverUK who remix ‘Roll Dat Shit’, a track that originally came out on Runninz Records in 1996 under the nameContinue reading “Co-Cain – Roll Dat Shit”

Usual Suspects – Killa Bees

Usual Suspects – Killa Bees (Renegade Hardware, 1999) This track appeared on Usual Suspects’ debut 12″ and it’s an absolute classic that still gets a great response today. It features a thumping beat which incorporates the Hot Pants break alongside a sick insectoid bassline that perfectly suits the track’s theme. It opens with the buzzingContinue reading “Usual Suspects – Killa Bees”

The 45 Roller – Killer Bee

The 45 Roller – Killer Bee (Ebony Recordings, 1996) The 45 Roller was an alias of Shy FX which he first used on this 12″ for his own Ebony Recordings imprint. He’d started the label the previous year after leaving SOUR and this track was just one of a barrage of cuts he put outContinue reading “The 45 Roller – Killer Bee”

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