Peshay – Nu Jack Swing / Places N’ Spaces

Peshay – Nu Jack Swing / Places N’ Spaces (Pivotal Entertainment, 1999) Phil Wells played a vital role in the development of drum and bass as a label boss, distributor and artist. He established the crucial Basement Records label and its many sub labels including Street Beats and Precious Material while also running Vinyl Distribution.Continue reading “Peshay – Nu Jack Swing / Places N’ Spaces”

Ray Keith – Rare Groove

Ray Keith – Rare Groove (Penny Black, 1997) I’ve been meaning to post about this tune from Ray Keith ever since writing about Potential Bad Boy’s identically titled track a few months ago. It originally appeared on Breakage Vol. 1 which was the first full length project put out by Penny Black, a sub labelContinue reading “Ray Keith – Rare Groove”

Blockdata – Tertiary

Blockdata – Tertiary (Ohm Resistance, 2021) Submerged’s New York based Ohm Resistance imprint have been putting out forward thinking bass music since the the end of the last century and have released records by a diverse range of artists, from Justin Broadrick and Bill Laswell to Current Value and Enduser. Now they welcome Scottish producerContinue reading “Blockdata – Tertiary”

Voyager – Hypersleep

Voyager – Hypersleep (R&S Records, 1997) The Belgian techno label R&S Records began a push into Drum & Bass territory in 1996 with releases from Jacobs Optical Stairway and Wax Doctor. That year they also established All Good Vinyl, a sub label dedicated to DnB, and set aside a volume of their flagship In OrderContinue reading “Voyager – Hypersleep”

Potential Bad Boy – Rare Groove

Potential Bad Boy – Rare Groove (Ibiza Records, 1994) Jungle is a mosaic of styles that takes in many forms of black music to create a sound that is totally original and distinctly British in origin. In a documentary shown on BBC 2 as part of All Black TV back in 1994 there’s a scene in whichContinue reading “Potential Bad Boy – Rare Groove”

Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix)

Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix) (Virus Recordings, 1998) Ed Rush & Optical’s ‘The Medicine’ was the first release on their own Virus imprint and is a piece of killer neurofunk, with an absolutely sick second half. However Optical’s brother Matrix’s take on the track has to be a contender for the greatestContinue reading “Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix)”

Bad Company – Infinity

Bad Company – Infinity (BC Recordings, 2000) My last post looked at Dillinja’s ‘Hard Noize’ which samples the score and dialogue from an episode of The Twilight Zone. But this wasn’t the only tune from the era to sample this classic science fiction TV series. It is also the basis for Bad Company’s ‘Infinity’ whichContinue reading “Bad Company – Infinity”

Dillinja – Hard Noize

Dillinja – Hard Noize (Test Recordings, 1998) The long awaited Break remix of ‘Hard Noize’ finally saw release at the end of May after around four years on dub. Regarding the lengthy wait, Dillinja told UKF in a recent interview: “Let it breathe, let it grow. It doesn’t happen often enough”, recalling the days whenContinue reading “Dillinja – Hard Noize”

DJ Kid & The General – Invaders Interview

DJ Kid & The General – Invaders (Formation Records, 1999) DJ Kid AKA Peter Symington played a pivotal role in the development of the Scottish Jungle / Drum & Bass scene, beginning in the early 90s when he was one of the first to play Breakbeat / Hardcore north of the border. Originally from Edinburgh,Continue reading “DJ Kid & The General – Invaders Interview”

Eskobar feat. Lemon D – It’s Yours / Return To 125th St.

Eskobar feat. Lemon D – It’s Yours / Return To 125th St. (True Playaz, 2001) After writing about ‘125th Street’ by Click ‘n’ Cycle the other day I couldn’t resist returning to the theme with this 12″ from Lemon D under his Eskobar alias, although he still ‘features’ as his regular moniker. Whereas Ed SoloContinue reading “Eskobar feat. Lemon D – It’s Yours / Return To 125th St.”

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