DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter

DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (Ganja Records, 1995) Today marks twenty five years to the day since the release of Benjamin Pettit AKA DJ Zinc’s ‘Super Sharp Shooter’, the track that really made his name. He has just put out one of his brilliant videos to mark the occasion so I thought DnB 365Continue reading “DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter”

Dopestyle – You Must Think First

Dopestyle – You Must Think First (Ganja Records, 1994) Like yesterday’s tune, this one from DJ Hype under his Dopestyle alias samples both First Choice and the Wu-Tang Clan. It was released on Ganja Records Volume 3 in 1994 and is a proper jungle classic. Hype has sampled the Wu-Tang Clan a number of timesContinue reading “Dopestyle – You Must Think First”

Jay Z – Ain’t No Playa (Ganja Kru Mix)

Jay Z – Ain’t No Playa (Ganja Kru Mix) (Northwestside Records, 1996) Tha Alkaholiks were a west coast trio who based their hip-hop personas around sipping 40ozs and partying. One of my favourite cuts on their debut album 21 & Over is ‘Only When I’m Drunk’, a track featuring the bassline from The Whole DarnContinue reading “Jay Z – Ain’t No Playa (Ganja Kru Mix)”

DJ Hype – True Playaz Anthem

DJ Hype – True Playaz Anthem (Parousia, 1996) Another classic gangster film starring Al Pacino is Brian De Palma’s Scarface. The movie would appear to be a favourite of DJ Hype who first sampled it on ‘Mash Up Da Place’ before he picked a choice quote from the film for ‘True Playaz Anthem’, a trackContinue reading “DJ Hype – True Playaz Anthem”

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix)

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix) (XL Recordings, 1997) Kool Keith is an eccentric rapper with many monikers but he started out as a member of the Ultramagnetic MCs. They released the classic Critical Beatdown LP in ’88 and were a favourite of The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett who sampled them onContinue reading “The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix)”

DJ Hype feat. MC GQ – Roll The Beats

DJ Hype feat. MC GQ – Roll The Beats (Inject The Bass Mix) (Suburban Base, 1994) If you listened to the DJ Hype and MC GQ set at AWOL from October 1993 featured in yesterday’s post you will probably have recognised GQ’s exclamations of “Wheel and come again please please please” and “Absolutely T forContinue reading “DJ Hype feat. MC GQ – Roll The Beats”

Ganja Cru – Can’t Handle The Streets

Ganja Cru – Can’t Handle The Streets (Fear Mix 2) (Frontline Records, 1996) Eazy-E’s ‘Real Muthaphukkin G’s’ is a diss track aimed at his former N.W.A ally Dr. Dre and his-then-new protégé Snoop Doggy Dogg. It was a response to Dre’s ‘Fuck Wit Dre Day (and Everybody’s Celebratin’)’ which dissed Eazy-E and had a videoContinue reading “Ganja Cru – Can’t Handle The Streets”

The Ganja Kru – Tiger Style

The Ganja Kru – Tiger Style (Ganja Records, 1994) Yesterday I asked if anyone knew which sound clash the vocals in Krome & Time’s ‘Ganja Man’ came from and thanks to Dave.S and DJ Hype himself I now know that it’s from a Youthman Promotions sound clash from 1985. Hype gave Krome & Time theContinue reading “The Ganja Kru – Tiger Style”

Freestyles – Attack

Freestyles – Attack (True Playaz, 1997) After looking at DJ Zinc’s side of this 12″ the other day I thought it only fair to also write about DJ Hype’s track on the flip. As well as sharing the Freestyles name the two tracks are linked by their sampling of the intro to Run DMC’s ‘HereContinue reading “Freestyles – Attack”

DJ Hype – We Must Unite

DJ Hype – We Must Unite (G-Line Records, 1996) During the past year or so I’ve been buying quite a few old compilations and mixes on CD, such as Kenny Ken’s The History of Hardcore that I mentioned yesterday. Another one I recently purchased is World Dance – The Drum + Bass Experience from 1996,Continue reading “DJ Hype – We Must Unite”

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