Amon Tobin – Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks/Dillinja Remixes)

Amon Tobin – Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks/Dillinja Remixes) (Ninja Tune, 1998) The Brazilian born Amon Tobin has always displayed a wide range of influences in his music, from jazz and classical to film scores and drum and bass. For much of his 1998 Permutation LP it sounded like Tobin was imagining what jungle wouldContinue reading “Amon Tobin – Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks/Dillinja Remixes)”

Aphrodite – Spice (Of The Gods Remix)

Aphrodite – Spice (Of The Gods Remix) (Aphrodite Recordings, 1997) The original version of ‘Spice’ was released in 1996 as the B Side of ‘Style From The Dark Side’. In 1997 Aphrodite remixed it for his Moods EP and the Aphrodite Recordings label compilation, adding dialogue samples from Dune to the previously instrumental cut. TheContinue reading “Aphrodite – Spice (Of The Gods Remix)”

Origin Unknown – Sound In Motion

Origin Unknown – Sound In Motion (RAM Records, 1998) In 1998 RAM Records released the excellent Sound In Motion album, the second label compilation following the similarly titled Speed of Sound LP. One of the biggest cuts on the album alongside Moving Fusion’s massive ‘Turbulence’ was the title cut from Origin Unknown themselves and theContinue reading “Origin Unknown – Sound In Motion”

Paradox – A Certain Sound

Paradox – A Certain Sound (Renegade Hardware, 1996) Dev Pandya AKA Paradox is one of the main proponents of the drumfunk style and a master of chopping breaks. His earliest productions date back to the early nineties as a part of Mixrace with hardcore tunes such as ‘The Future Is Before Your Eyes’ on MovingContinue reading “Paradox – A Certain Sound”

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