Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix)

Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix) (Virus Recordings, 1998) Ed Rush & Optical’s ‘The Medicine’ was the first release on their own Virus imprint and is a piece of killer neurofunk, with an absolutely sick second half. However Optical’s brother Matrix’s take on the track has to be a contender for the greatestContinue reading “Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix)”

Dillinja – Hard Noize

Dillinja – Hard Noize (Test Recordings, 1998) The long awaited Break remix of ‘Hard Noize’ finally saw release at the end of May after around four years on dub. Regarding the lengthy wait, Dillinja told UKF in a recent interview: “Let it breathe, let it grow. It doesn’t happen often enough”, recalling the days whenContinue reading “Dillinja – Hard Noize”

DJ Die & DJ Suv – Mankind

DJ Die & DJ Suv – Mankind (Full Cycle, 1998) After looking at Krust’s ‘Memories’ yesterday I thought I’d stay on the Full Cycle tip to talk about a tune from another two Bristol bass giants. Die & Suv worked together on a number of occasions, with tunes such as ‘War And Peace’ and ‘OutContinue reading “DJ Die & DJ Suv – Mankind”

John B – Olé

John B – Olé (Formation Countries Series, 1998) Yesterday !K7 announced that Kemistry & Storm’s lauded DJ-Kicks mix was getting reissued as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. Originally released back in January 1999, the album deservedly brought Kemistry & Storm to a wider audience after they had built a reputation throughout the 90s asContinue reading “John B – Olé”

Optical – The End (Part 1)

Optical – The End (Part 1) (31 Records, 1998) This is the final post of what has been a year long project, the idea being to write about a classic drum and bass tune every day throughout 2013. When I started the blog I had no idea how I was going to achieve this andContinue reading “Optical – The End (Part 1)”

Architex Versus Loxy – Submerged

Architex Versus Loxy – Submerged (Architecture, 1998) Loxy is a drum and bass legend who has been at the forefront of the scene for over twenty years. He first established himself as a DJ in the early nineties, playing at nights such as Elevation, Thunder and Joy and Desire. He also had regular slots onContinue reading “Architex Versus Loxy – Submerged”

Undercover Business – The Replicant

Undercover Business – The Replicant (Kartoons, 1998) Working under an alias often allows an artist to get away with samples they otherwise wouldn’t. Here on Nicky Blackmarket’s low-key Kartoons label Ray Keith uses the name Undercover Business and includes the same “Replicants are like any other machine” sample of Harrison Ford from Blade Runner asContinue reading “Undercover Business – The Replicant”

Trace & Nico – Replicant

Trace & Nico – Replicant (Idiosyncratic Records, 1998) The tune from Trace & Nico was produced during No U-Turn’s peak in 1997 but due to the use of uncleared samples from Blade Runner it didn’t see a release until 1998/99 when it came out as a white label on Idiosyncratic Records. The flipside contained theContinue reading “Trace & Nico – Replicant”

Dillinja – Vicious

Dillinja – Vicious (Test Recordings, 1998) The title of this one is a perfect description of not just the track itself but Dillinja’s music in general. It was released on the first volume of Dillinja & Lemon D’s Test Recordings, a label which featured a logo that with its yellow and black colour scheme resembledContinue reading “Dillinja – Vicious”

Dom & Roland – Trauma

Dom & Roland – Trauma (Renegade Hardware, 1998) Dom Angas is an artist who has sampled films extensively in his music, from dialogue samples to the music and atmospherics. Back in March 1997 Dom told DJ Magazine: “I’m very into the soundscapes used in films, very into the way moods are created with music andContinue reading “Dom & Roland – Trauma”

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