DnB Advent Calendar: Day 15

DJ Red – 15 Years (Trouble On Vinyl, Unreleased 1995)

Day 15 of the DnB Advent Calendar and we have a first for DnB 365: an unreleased tune. This track was on a 10″ Trouble On Vinyl dubplate with ‘Murder One’ (which appeared on Here Comes Trouble Vol. 3) but for whatever reason never came out. One possible explanation for that is the samples used, as it’s packed full of them.

Let’s start with the sample that gives the track its title – “I snorted cocaine for about 15 years… with my dumbass”. This is Richard Pryor from an infamous 1970s routine. The drug references continue with the “All I have in this world” line from Scarface, also sampled on DJ Hype’s ‘True Playaz Anthem’. Lastly we have some of the Eazy-E’s spoken intro from NWA’s ‘Approach To Danger’:

“What you want is an unexpected approach, that may delay a suspects awareness of your presence, until you have a chance to assist the situation you are confronted”

You also get some of the unsettling piano in ‘Scorpio’s View’ from Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry soundtrack that was sampled in the NWA track. Around all of this DJ Red crafts a hard stepping track featuring a hyperactive treatment of the Think break and Reese bassline before some more punchy bass is introduced. Another vocal sample, “Drop the funk coast to coast and I Buck like Shot, cuz I know I Got Cha Opin” from Erick Sermon’s ‘Bomdigi’ precedes the introduction of rough, ferocious Amen.

You can hear the tune in this Brockie set on Kool FM from February 1996 with MC Det on the mic. DJ Kane has recently revived the Trouble On Vinyl label so maybe this track will see the light of day at some point.

UPDATE 13/06/2020: Just three months after I wrote this post this track did indeed get released on Trouble On Vinyl, backed by another unreleased DJ Red cut ‘Tha Bomb’. Head over to the TOV Bandcamp to grab a copy on rather lovely transparent red vinyl, copies are still available at the time of writing. I’ve updated the video above and changed the date to 1995 based on information from the release page. You can find the excerpt from the dubplate version originally featured here.

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