Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost

Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost (Metalheadz, 1996)

The highlight of the new material on Platinum Breakz was ‘The Unofficial Ghost’, Doc Scott’s remix of Rufige Kru’s ‘Ghosts Of My Life’. While Goldie’s ‘VIP Riders Ghost’ version of the track was a lesson in restraint this one is an all-out assault.

It opens with the “(Every)day of my life” vocal from First Choice’s ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ which through the reverb sounds like “Damn my life” before some haunting synths from the original come in with pitchshifting two-step drums. Doc Scott then adds another vocal sample of Method Man saying “Ghostface Killah” from the skit at the end of ‘Can It Be All So Simple’ along with reversed strings. The drop is incredible as the most evil of basslines arrives and the drums beat switch between the rigid two-step of the intro and the Amen break. To top it all off mentasm stabs swirl around like demented poltergeists while the bassline is somehow even sicker after the second drop. Incendiary stuff which is worth buying Platinum Breakz on vinyl for alone.

Check out Sam XL’s unofficial X-Rated VIP from 2001 below which was heavily played by Jumping Jack Frost. You can also hear the original in Ant TC1’s Metalheadz History Mix from earlier this year.

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