Hidden Agenda – Pressin’ On

Hidden Agenda – Pressin’ On (Metalheadz, 1995)

Yesterday I looked at some remixes of Amon Tobin’s ‘Like Regular Chickens’ and Hidden Agenda were another drum and bass act picked out to remix the Ninja Tune artist, tackling ‘Creatures’ in 1997. It’s easy to see why as their productions of the mid-nineties used jazz samples to create an uneasy atmosphere in much the same way as Tobin.

Hidden Agenda were Gateshead based brothers Mark and Jason Gooding. Their father was a former drummer and this seems to have influenced their productions which are full of jagged cut-up beats. After Fabio heard some of the duo’s tracks he introduced them to Goldie who promptly signed them to Metalheadz, releasing the Is It Love? EP in early ’95.

‘Pressin’ On’ appeared on their second 12″ for the label and takes its title from the vocodered vocals lifted from ‘Keep On’ by D-Train, an early eighties disco duo from New York. It starts off with slap bass-led jazz funk but transforms this rather questionable source material with the addition of some melancholy xylophone, a tough bassline and a splintered take on the Apache break to create a dark and disconcerting track. One of my favourites from not just Hidden Agenda but the entire Metalheadz catalogue.

‘Pressin’ On’ was included on Platinum Breakz II and is available digitally directly from the Metalheadz store.

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