Amon Tobin – Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks/Dillinja Remixes)

Amon Tobin – Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks/Dillinja Remixes) (Ninja Tune, 1998)

The Brazilian born Amon Tobin has always displayed a wide range of influences in his music, from jazz and classical to film scores and drum and bass. For much of his 1998 Permutation LP it sounded like Tobin was imagining what jungle would sound like if the breaks came from Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa rather than G.C. Coleman and Clyde Stubblefield. The work of David Lynch also seems to have been on his mind at the time with samples from Angelo Badalamenti’s Blue Velvet score appearing on ‘People Like Frank’ (also titled after a line from the film) and ‘Like Regular Chickens’ featuring dialogue from Eraserhead.

The latter track was treated to remixes from two drum and bass legends for a 12″ single in the run-up to the album’s release and neither disappoint. Amon Tobin personally asked Danny Breaks to remix ‘Like Regular Chickens’, while Dillinja apparently asked to be involved and you don’t say no to Karl Francis. Both producers stamp their own identity on the track while keeping the jazzy vibe and the “I just, eh, cut them up like regular chickens?” dialogue from the infamous dinner scene. Danny Breaks’ mix has, as Ninja Tune themselves put it, a “seedy, smokey, jazz joint atmosphere” with some funky drumming and musician’s chatter (“That’s right”) while Dillinja’s mix stomps along with a dirty guitar lick mutating into a typically distorted bassline for the track’s second half.

The two remixes are available digitally directly from the Ninja Shop. You can check out both tracks in mixes from DJextreme: Danny Breaks’ appearing on an original mixtape from May 1998 and Dillinja’s on The Dillinja Mix Part 3 (1997-1998).

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